October 28 , 2006

Lollipop Condotel Receives 2006 Doo Wop Award

The Lollipop Condotel, 2301 Atlantic Avenue in North Wildwood, NJ, received the third annual Fabulous Fifties Award as the Doo Wop property of the year at the North Wildwood Street Fair on Sunday October 26, 2006. The award is presented each year to a motel that renovates, expands or upgrades a Wildwoods property and property services while maintaining its nationally famous Doo Wop design. The Lollipop Condotel was converted from a classic motel to its present condominium owned motel operation by Craig and Scott Nurrick, strong supporters of the Wildwoods and the Doo Wop movement. Management transitioned from the developer to the Lollipop Condominium Association while continuing a long-standing tradition of quality services to vacationers in the Wildwoods By-the-Sea.

Paul Russo, organizer of the Sunday event, presented the award to the Lollipop Motel together with Dan MacElrevey, president of the Doo Wop Preservation League. Patricia Reilley, secretary of the Lollipop Condominium Association, received the award on behalf of the Board of Directors and all Lollipop owners. She was joined by Cheryl Eyler, manager of the Lollipop since it reopened after an extensive renovation that included new furnishings and building upgrades. Cheryl told the Doo Wop League after the presentation that the specially designed plaque featuring the motel’s famous multi-color sign and doors will be displayed proudly in the motel office.

This has been a big year for the Lollipop. The building was a featured property when the National Historic Trust selected the famous Wildwoods By-the-Sea Doo Wop motels as one of the “Eleven Most Endangered Historic Sites” in the United States in 2006. This prestigious award recognized the historic value of these buildings when they were grouped with some of the most famous historic sites in America. The Lollipop was featured in several local and national magazines, the NBC-10 special titled Wildwood By-the-Sea, and in national and international newspapers including the Sydney, Australia Morning Courier. Manager Eyler notes that all this great Doo Wop publicity increased motel occupancy significantly as the motel was full or nearly full all through the summer. Cheryl said,” People call from the west coast and Florida to inquire about vacancies after seeing the documentaries and the publications.”

The property is managed by Ocean Property Management Corporation, a Wildwoods based New Jersey management company that specializes in the management of motels, condotels and condominiums. The condotel type lodging property is very common in Florida and the southern states and, in the past decade, condotels have also become a preferred form of lodging property ownership throughout southern New Jersey. The condotel is often the most profitable form of operation for classic Doo Wop style motels, rather than being converted to residential units for rental in a limited and shrinking weekly rental market. The higher profitability provides an incentive for owners to preserve these motels. For this reason, the Doo Wop Preservation League supports condotel development as an important tool for maintaining and operating these classic and much loved properties. The Lollipop is an outstanding example of how this development and operation can work for owners and the Wildwoods By-the-Sea.

The Lollipop sign and the multi-colored doors are probably the motel’s best-known features. They have been enjoyed by generations of visitors to the resort. The sign appears in magazines and newspapers almost monthly. “That wonderful sign is an excellent example of the “fun” designs that make the Wildwoods unique,” said Dan MacElrevey while discussing the Lollipop with Paul Russo who also serves as a Doo Wop Preservation League board member.

“The Lollipop board appreciates this award and the community’s recognition of our efforts,” said Lollipop Condominium Association secretary, Pat Reilly. We will work hard to maintain the Lollipop as a favorite Doo Wop style family motel in the Wildwoods By-the-Sea.”