Doo Wop Preservation League Announces 2005 Board and Officers

The Wildwoods, NJ -
The Doo Wop Preservation League elected its 2005 officers and Board of Trustees at the League's meeting held on Thursday, January 12, 2005 at the Starlux Hotel and Meeting Center. The newly elected board members include Lou Ferrara (Wildwood Development Officer and UEZ Director), Tom Byrne, AAI (Byrne Insurance), Jay Ford (President and CEO, Crest Savings Bank), Arlieen Franco (Chairperson, Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority and motel owner), Randy Hentges (ABS Signs), and Maria Tenaglia (Royal Canadian and Shalimar Motels). The trustees will all serve two year terms.

The Doo Wop Preservation League also elected the officers for the coming year. Officers include President: Dan MacElrevey (Ocean Property Management Corporation and President Greater Wildwoods Hotel Motel Association), 1st Vice President: Jack Morey (Morey Organization), 2nd Vice President: B. Michael Zuckerman (Executive Director Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts), 3rd Vice President: Elan Zingman-Leith (Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Bed and Breakfast owner), Paul Russo (Cool Scoops Ice Cream), and Treasurer: Charles Schumann (Sightseer Cruises).

Other trustees continuing in their positions include Clark Doran, PP (Morey Organization), Mary Fox, MIA (Cape Island Appraisals), Joseph Salerno (Imperial 500 and Exec. VP Greater Wildwoods Hotel Motel Association), Bill Huf (Coastal Broadcasting), and Richard Stokes, AIA (Stokes Architecture).

The League's contributing board of professionals will continue in their current positions. This group of professionals includes Michael Hirsch (Architectural designer, Urban Planner concentrating in historic preservation), Michael D'Angelo (Owner, Vernal Media), Joanne Galloway, Joanne Duffy, Andrew Cripps (Executive Director, Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce), Alex Shear, Todd Kieninger (Wildwood Historic Commission), Kirk Hastings (Wildwood Crest Historic Society), Frank Corrado, Esq.(Barry, Corrado, Grassi and Gibson PC), and Steve Tecco (Armada Motel and Chairman, GWHMA). The Doo Wop Preservation League is also proud to have Steven Izenour, AIA (1940- 2001), Dan Vieyra, AIA, Dr. Joseph Salvatore, Dane Wells, CHA, and Alan Hess as honorary members of the organization.

The organization membership has grown significantly in the past year. New members are joining from many areas of the United States as well as members from foreign countries including Germany, England, and China. Many of these new members have joined through the League's widely praised website that has generated wide recognition for the Wildwoods unique Doo Wop buildings.

At the same meeting, the League reaffirmed several goals for 2005 including establishing a state and federal historic district in Wildwood Crest that, together with special incentive zoning, will help motel owners renovate and expand their buildings while retaining the historically significant architecture.

The League's other primary goal is reconstruction and operation of the Doo Wop Museum and Information Center in partnership with the Borough of Wildwood Crest, the Byrne Fund and the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts. The museum and center will be located at Rambler Road and the Beach in the heart of the Wildwood Crest hotel motel district.

The League published the How To Doo Wop Guidelines this year as well as the annual Doowopolis Times that publicizes the resort and its Doo Wop theme throughout the eastern United States. The Guidelines are receiving wide acclaim from both Doo Wop afficiandos and long time Wildwood visitors and they have been adopted as the reference text for Wildwoods new instituted Hotel and Tourism District. Other priorities include sponsorship of the Fab 50s weekend with the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce, GWTIDA and the Greater Wildwood Hotel Motel Association, assisting many motels and hotels seeking state and federal designation as historic properties and continuing to publicize Doo Wop in the same manner that America's most successful non-casino resort, South Miami Beach, promotes its Art Deco hotel district.

"The award winning Wildwood Days documentary, publication of Wildwood articles in travel magazines and popular media in the United States, Europe and the Far East, and all the local and national press have proven the popularity of Doo Wop," said League President Dan MacElrevey. "The excitement of Doo Wop provides the differentiation that separates great resorts from run of the mill beach destinations," he said, "and we are certainly appreciate the support Doo Wop is receiving from both municipal leaders and the resident and business community."

The community leaders serving as Doo Wop Preservation League board members and officers will continue working aggressively to retain and develop the best of the Wildwoods past as the resort continues its renaissance as a year round tourism and recreation destination for the 21st century.