Wild, Wild Days in New York and Sarasota

The Wildwoods, NJ -
The Doo Wop Preservation League and Nancy Travis, producer of the Wildwood documentary "WILDWOOD DAYS" are proud to announce this great documentary being aired throughout the eastern and southern United States has been invited to be part of the New York Film Festivals and Sarasota Film Festival.

This award-winning Travisty Productions' documentary about the Jersey Shore resort dubbed the "Doo Wop Capital of the World" has also been honored at the New Jersey International Film Festival, Philadelphia Video Festival, Florida Moving Image Archive Awards, and Cape May and Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festivals. It's also airing on PBS in select markets.

"Everywhere I've been with the show I've found people who know and love Wildwood", says producer/director/writer Carolyn Travis, who spent her childhood summers in Wildwood Crest. "After every screening people share their stories with us or ask if their favorite motel is still standing. A few stations aired it right before Christmas and people from as far away as Buffalo and Toronto were ordering DVDs to give as gifts."

"People all over the country know and love the Doo Wop character of the Wildwoods and hope much of it will survive for another generation to enjoy," Carolyn said in her recent discussion about the film. "We are amazed at the response the film, the Wildwoods lifestyle, and Doo Wop buildings have gotten in showings from Connecticut to Florida in the past six months"

There's a special Wildwood connection in Sarasota. Maureen Horn, former owner of Maureen's Restaurant and Martini Bar in Wildwood is a Sarasota resident and is sponsoring a reception for the film.

"We spent a lot of time at Maureen's when we were shooting the show", said Travis. "We'd try to make it there in time for dinner… or at least for martinis. Believe me, you don't look your best after a night of shooting on the beach or a rooftop or hanging from a helicopter but Maureen was always very gracious and pretended not to notice."

"WILDWOOD DAYS'' will be screened at the New York Festivals January 28th and the Sarasota Film Festival January 30th and 31st. Check newyorkfestivals.com and sarasotafilmfestival.com for details.