Cool artifacts from the '50s and '60s including salvaged signs
from defunct Wildwood landmarks and other period memorabilia!

New for 2009! The Interactive "I-Wall" exhibit lets you take a journey
back in time to learn more about Wildwood's iconic Doo Wop Motels
and the resort's history as a premier summer vacation destination and
rock 'n roll hot-spot in the 1950s!

Pull up a chair at one of our classic '50s dinette sets and take
in the sights and sounds of vintage Wildwood in its heyday!

A collection of vintage lamps, tables, chairs, clocks and other
interesting furniture pieces that just might have been in your
Grandma's living room - or perhaps in a Wildwood motel -
during the '50s and '60s!

"Neon Sign Garden" - outside the Doo Wop Experience you'll find a
display of fully-restored and re-assembled neon signs from classic
Wildwood motels that have since been demolished or remodeled.

Check back soon for more information and photos!