Will Morey Sr.

Wilbert C. Morey's contributions, as urban planner, designer, builder and entertainment entrepreneur defined much of the future of the Wildwoods and the Jersey Shore, and laid the foundation for generations to come. His vision of modern amusement piers and waterparks juxtaposed in a traditional seaside boardwalk setting caused revolutionary changes in the amusement industry. His design and construction of nearly thirty of the Wildwood's most themed and flamboyant motels Doo Wop motels, recognized today as classics of American resort architecture, set the stage for what is today a themed public/private resort destination.

Wilbert "Will" Morey reinvented the beach and boardwalk into a cultural icon, inspired by Miami Beach, Disney and Germany's "Octoberfest," fashioning memories for millions of American vacationers.

Never losing sight of the guest experience, Wilbert Morey created a synergy between his accommodations and amusement piers to transform the entire resort known collectively as the Wildwoods into a themed resort destination. This, in turn, which set the stage for today's master plan and tourism districts which are central to quality of life for residents and the economic vitality of the Wildwoods.

"You can go backward or forward, but you can't stand still," Wilbert Morey would say. And as he moved forward, he brought the Wildwoods along for the ride.

* This document was used for the IAAPA Hall Of Fame Award